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Cognitive Behavioural Transformation is an online therapy and consultation service that offers a range of proven therapitic interventions and skills to help customers achieve their goals. The advertised services are geared towards helping black men, women, young people and couples, to access the therapy and transformation they seek, from the list of services advertised. The aim is to offer its users a diverse, culturally appropriate and sensitive service to individuals from the black community. The service is not exclusively offered and can be accessed by individuals from any background or diffence.

The service offers speciailst support to young and older black men as well ascouples who are seeking support with their struggles and need to consult with an experieiced professional from the black community. The service aims to help its customers find the answers they seek to become the best transformers of themselves on their own motivation to become more resilient.

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May 2020

Do Men Seek Help For their Suffering and Distress?

Help seeking for men can be difficult. As men, we can sometimes find it difficult to say, "I am suffering please help!" It can be easier to beat ourselves up and or put ourselves down instead of being kind enough to recognise and accept that we are human. It can be equally as difficult to say that we are afraid to lose control or be vulnerable to achieve the healing that we need. Men tend avoid coming to therapy to get the help they need is an act of weakness.

June 2020

May 2020

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