Adrian Anderson

The person you will meeting is the consciousness and reflection of the unity of my mind, my body and spirit working in harmony. As a result of my developing conscious, I am learning to heal and recover my sense of peace. I am the synergy of my ancestors, which is a combination of African, Caribbean and European ancestry but most of all an imperfect human being.  These are the parts that come together to make me who I am as a person. The combination determines how I accept, present and serve my purpose to achieve Cognitive and Behavioural Transformation for myself and others. Taking into consideration all the parts of my ancestry constructs who I am as a person and what we are about to be and become on our journey together.

I am about being and becoming the best human being that I can be.  I am always consciously striving, to heal and become the best model of me that I can be in the here and now.  I am about studying to understanding my suffering so I can recognise the suffering of others. In so doing, I have come to accept distress is part of human existence. That means I learn and practise with compassion, understanding, acceptance and honesty.  Seeing and the recognition of suffering requires insight and proactive skills to do something about it to reduce its impact on the mind, body and spirit.

I am blessed by God and fortunate to be able to serve my purpose with a diverse group of individuals on whose shoulders I stand to serve my purpose as a man. I am especially blessed by the man who exposed me to African Centred Psychology to liberate my Black mind. The experiences of my ancestors have assigned me a mission.  The women in my life have suffered for me to survive and make a difference, and this is a vital part of why I do what I do. I have also been influenced by the absence of positive male role models.  I am grateful for the mind models gained from books written by men explaining how to become and be a man. The positive role models were too few and unavailable for all the boys to be taught by them to be men.

I am appreciative from my learning with those who came after me, including my children. I have worked with schools, colleges and Universities mentoring youths to overcome the challenges they face for education, training and employment. My work with schools and the community included working with families, who were engaging or were at risk of engaging in crime.

I am a father, husband and friend. I have developed a unique combination of skills and experience gained from serving as an Accredited (BABCP) Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapist, Qualified Relate Relationship Therapist, Youth Counsellor and Youth Mentor in schools and community. My journey started with work as a Volunteer with Victim Support.  I then worked with the Youth Offending teams in the West Midlands and Staffordshire. Working with these different organisations has allowed me to safely turn my pain into purpose and help both young people and adults to do the same by providing a model that they can teach and remodel hopefully to future generations.

Cognitive Behavioural Transformation for men was born out of making sense of my transition to manhood with the absence of a father. Losing my father at an early age and having to struggle with this loss of a positive role model of a man played a big part in what I do now. The biggest struggle was seeing that throughout my life I developed the belief that I was a burden, these thoughts interfered and interrupted my ability to seek help and overcome the pride of saying “I am suffering Please help.”

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