Men-Touring – Schools and College Program

Do you know a young person of African or Caribbean descent struggling with behavioural issues, have mental health challenges or is struggling with stress or anxiety in school or college?

Cognitive Behavioural Transformation Men-Touring program is designed to provide a culturally competent service for young men age 13-25 seeking a model for manhood. The program helps to transition the young person from dependence to independence and interdependence. The plan will include proven strategies from African Centred and Euro-Centric psychological interventions for transformation into adulthood.

Strategies include:

  • Self-awareness / racial identity development
  • Identify habits and mindset for change
  • Shifting the shame pride imbalance
  • Self and other criticism intervention 
  • Accepting responsibility to manage vulnerability
  • Managing thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Anger Management
  • Domestic violence and abuse awareness
  • Forming and maintaining Relationships
  • Managing engagement in education and employment

P.S The program is for individuals age 13- 25. The topics above are just some of the interventions on offer. The client can identify other goals or issues to be addressed from men-touring work.Contact me to discuss your requirements.