When we are in a situation and you are not able to see the woods from the trees, this can trigger some distress. Talking with a professional can make a lot of difference to create a positive change in thinking, feelings, and behaviours and change the negative perspective.  Cognitive Behavioural Transformation uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy interventions or counselling skills to offer a short term service for clients to experience long term changes and reach their set goals. Some quick improvements you will notice are listed below.

Improved self-compassion and less self criticism

Improve ability to respond and problem solve (response able)

Better sleep

Talk with more people

feel more relaxed

More smiles

Get more work done at home, in education and employment

Wake up and get out of bed at a regular time

Doing activities your currently avoid

Handle disagreements better – resolve conflicts

Lose your temper less – manage your anger

Other people will tell you that your have improved

You will feel more confident -start to positively assert yourself

You will stand up for yourself

You will see hope for the future

You will enjoy each day more -improved sense of achievement

You will feel appreciation and gratitude

You will see improvement in relationships – improved intimacy

You will feel a greater sense of peace, purpose and engagement